Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory


The Task

Create a consumer-facing voice for Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory (MDIBL), a truly innovative independent research institution.

What We Did

Conducted an in-depth brand analysis to locate elements of MDBIL’s messaging that would resonate outside the academic community, especially with segments of the press and potential donors, against the backdrop of emerging conversations in the scientific media community. Assembled a team of science journalism experts to consult to ensure that the topics were relevant and forward-looking.

Conceived a press trip to Bar Harbor, Maine designed to illustrate the diverse environmental approach that makes MDIBL special. Select invitees experienced a weekend of sea kayaking, hiking in the Acadia National Park, research briefings and one-on-one time with the MDBIL scientists.

Resulted in a mix of national and regional media (National Public Radio, Maine Magazine, Climate Wire, Scientific American), as well as ongoing guest blogger status for the MDIBL scientists with Big Think. And provided MDIBL with a clear external identity that the organization continues to use across mediums.