Shuniya Healing


The Task

Make the language of healing accessible to the general public and build a clientele.

What We Did

Dove deeply into founder Aaron Teich’s experience to fully understand how he helps his patients, researching the various specialized treatment modes in order to create language explaining the process and the benefits of Shuniya’s specific approach to healing. Rolled the directionally effective verbiage out across all marketing materials for consistency and clarity.

Utilized this messaging and handpicked testimonials from industry experts Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman to garner local press coverage for the launch Shuniya’s seasonal practice in the Hamptons, now a permanent location in Bridgehampton.

Supported by media coverage (Hamptons Magazine, Well + Good,, created brand alignments with likeminded businesses for reciprocal relationships (Lila Yoga, Urban Zen Integrative Therapy practitioners).